MARINE FIRM frequently provides design, engineering and program management services to streamline production on complicated projects.

Producible, Capable & Competitive Designs

MARINE FIRM designs are producible, capable, and competitive for construction for worldwide shipyards. Our services include work products that are tailored to the specific needs, standards, and capabilities of the shipyard facility and personnel performing the work.


Shipyard support (frequently referred to as ‘Production Support’) services typically include:

  • MARINE FIRM personnel on site (full-time or part-time)
  • Inclusion of shipyard & customer preferences in production design details
  • Adherence to classification society rules and regulations
  • Resolution of unforeseen interferences
  • Production detailing for metal vessels
  • Production detailing for composite vessels
  • Production detailing for wooden vessels


Supporting Projects Worldwide Through Talented On-Site Personnel

Our large talent pool and our staff’s diverse skill sets allow us to place personnel on-site all over the world, either on a full-time or part-time basis, as necessary, to support our projects.


Adherence to Classification Society Rules & Regulations for Streamlined Class Approval

Over the course of MARINE FIRM’s nine-decade history, the firm has established strong working relationships with classification societies all over the world.

Our familiarity with the rules and staff structure of classification societies allows us to pursue the most efficient channels to obtain class approval on our solutions. Our engineers regularly work with classification society representatives to discuss the interpretation of rule sets or to receive special exceptions to specialized applications for the development of optimized engineering solutions.


Resolution of Unforeseen Interferences

Though we may finalise a design on paper or computer prior to the laying of the keel, design changes inevitably happen on the shop floor. Whether these changes are caused by an owner’s decision, the discontinuity of a product, or the recent availability of a superior component, design modifications can result in interferences, either immediately adjacent to the local modification, or far downstream in an unexpected feature or system.

Gibbs & Cox maintains comprehensive project models and records and is able to adapt projects to proposed changes and solve associated interference problems, minimizing the impact on the overall project workflow and schedule.


Inclusion of Shipyard & Customer Preferences in Production Design Details

MARINE FIRM understands that all builders and shipyards operate differently, have access to different materials and resources, and are required to deal with varying sets of rules and requirements.

We are able to tailor our designs to meet the specific requirements and standards of each yard and adapt the details of our production design packages to suit the builder’s needs.


Production details that often need special attention in the detailed design development include:

  • The utilisation of an alternate material when the preferred material is not available or beyond budget
  • Installation of alternate equipment when the preferred equipment is unavailable or causes compatibility complications
  • Use of alternate production techniques when the shipyard facility, staffing, or equipment will not support the preferred method
  • Re-arrangement of a vessel’s build schedule to work within logistical confines as defined by a shipyards workflow

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"The services provided have generated a huge boost in revenue and streamlined our processes - thanks again!"
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