New Product Video for Ship Design Software

View our new Ship Design Software Video highlighting the key features of Naval Architect

View our new Ship Design Software Video highlighting the key features of Naval Architect. The cloud platform made for shipbuilding includes the following features in the video:

  • 3D Modeling: Drawing in 2D to create a 3D ship model in rapid time
  • Compartments: Create compartments along with their properties faster than ever
  • Properties: Add and manage properties of areas, walls, components or any other object in the model
  • Components: Import component geometry and specifications and manage them in the model
  • Reports: Create weight reports, HVAC reports or any other information you’d like have an overview of and analyze them effectively
  • Version Control: Keep track of all changes you or your teams makes and jump back to previous versions to see what has been updated in the course of your project

See the Ship Design Software Video here:


Naval Architect enables you to create a digital representation of a ship that allows designers, engineers, and construction professionals to collaborate and coordinate their work in a virtual environment. Our cloud software provides a centralized location for storing and sharing information about a ship’s design, construction, and maintenance, including data on materials, equipment, and systems. It enables professionals to make more informed decisions, reduce errors, and improve communication throughout the construction process. Naval Architect can save time and money while improving the quality of the final product.


Sounds interesting? Do not hesitate to book a demo call here to discuss product details and answer any questions you might have. The discovery call would be the best way for us to understand your specific needs and for you to fully grasp the potential of our software.

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